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KANAKENBRAND ACUPUNCTURE NEEDLE, stainless steel, flat handle


  • Surgical stainless steel handle and needle
  • High electro and heat conductivity
  • Pack of 50 needles
  • Smooth and painless insertion
  • Full line of sizes

    AL15110.13mm0.5" (15mm)
    AL15120.14mm0.5" (15mm)
    AL15130.16mm0.5" (15mm)
    AL15140.18mm0.5" (15mm)
    AL15150.20mm0.5" (15mm)
    AL15160.22mm0.5" (15mm)
    AL15170.24mm0.5" (15mm)
    AL15180.26mm0.5" (15mm)
    AL15190.28mm0.5" (15mm)
    AL15200.30mm0.5" (15mm)
    AL15210.32mm0.5" (15mm)
    AL15220.35mm0.5" (15mm)
    AL15230.13mm1.0" (24mm)
    AL15240.14mm1.0" (24mm)
    AL15250.16mm1.0" (24mm)
    AL15260.18mm1.0" (24mm)
    AL15270.20mm1.0" (24mm)
    AL15280.22mm1.0" (24mm)
    AL15290.24mm1.0" (24mm)
    AL15300.26mm1.0" (24mm)
    AL15310.28mm1.0" (24mm)
    AL15320.30mm1.0" (24mm)
    AL15330.32mm1.0" (24mm)
    AL15340.35mm1.0" (24mm)
    AL15350.13mm1.2" (30mm)
    AL15360.14mm1.2" (30mm)
    AL15370.16mm1.2" (30mm)
    AL15380.18mm1.2" (30mm)
    AL15390.20mm1.2" (30mm)
    AL15400.22mm1.2" (30mm)
    AL15410.24mm1.2" (30mm)
    AL15420.26mm1.2" (30mm)
    AL15430.28mm1.2" (30mm)
    AL15440.30mm1.2" (30mm)
    AL15450.32mm1.2" (30mm)
    AL15460.35mm1.2" (30mm)
    AL15470.13mm1.5" (39mm)
    AL15480.14mm1.5" (39mm)
    AL15490.16mm1.5" (39mm)
    AL15500.18mm1.5" (39mm)
    AL15510.20mm1.5" (39mm)
    AL15520.22mm1.5" (39mm)
    AL15530.24mm1.5" (39mm)
    AL15540.26mm1.5" (39mm)
    AL15550.28mm1.5" (39mm)
    AL15560.30mm1.5" (39mm)
    AL15570.32mm1.5" (39mm)
    AL15580.35mm1.5" (39mm)
    AL15590.13mm1.9" (48mm)
    AL15600.14mm1.9" (48mm)
    AL15610.16mm1.9" (48mm)
    AL15620.18mm1.9" (48mm)
    AL15630.20mm1.9" (48mm)
    AL15640.22mm1.9" (48mm)
    AL15650.24mm1.9" (48mm)
    AL15660.26mm1.9" (48mm)
    AL15670.28mm1.9" (48mm)
    AL15680.30mm1.9" (48mm)
    AL15690.32mm1.9" (48mm)
    AL15700.35mm1.9" (48mm)
    AL15710.18mm2.4" (60mm)
    AL15720.20mm2.4" (60mm)
    AL15730.22mm2.4" (60mm)
    AL15740.24mm2.4" (60mm)
    AL15750.26mm2.4" (60mm)
    AL15760.28mm2.4" (60mm)
    AL15770.30mm2.4" (60mm)
    AL15780.32mm2.4" (60mm)
    AL15790.35mm2.4" (60mm)
    AL15800.18mm3.0" (75mm)
    AL15810.20mm3.0" (75mm)
    AL15820.22mm3.0" (75mm)
    AL15830.24mm3.0" (75mm)
    AL15840.26mm3.0" (75mm)
    AL15850.28mm3.0" (75mm)
    AL15860.30mm3.0" (75mm)
    AL15870.32mm3.0" (75mm)
    AL15880.35mm3.0" (75mm)
    AL15890.18mm3.5" (90mm)
    AL15900.20mm3.5" (90mm)
    AL15910.22mm3.5" (90mm)
    AL15920.24mm3.5" (90mm)
    AL15930.26mm3.5" (90mm)
    AL15940.28mm3.5" (90mm)
    AL15950.30mm3.5" (90mm)
    AL15960.32mm3.5" (90mm)
    AL15970.35mm3.5" (90mm)

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