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SEIRIN BRAND DISPOSABLE ACUPUNCTURE NEEDLE (Plastic handle with or without guide tube)


  • Individually blister sealed with or without guide tube
  • Sterile, E.O.G. sterilized
  • Plastic handle, color coded for easy size recognition
  • Surgical stainless steel
  • Smooth and painless insertion
  • Box of 100 needles
  • MDD CE-marked CE 0123

    The "SEIRIN" needle comes pre-sterilized and ready to use in its own sterile plastic guide tube. Needle and tube are sealed in a transparent thermosealed plastic blister package which is easily opened by peeling the two separating halves apart.

    Colour coded plastic heads allows for easily size recognition. Crafted from superior quality 18-8 surgical stainless steel. Plastic head of needle is attached to guide tube.

    Just giving a small twist to handle head and tube will free needle making it ready for instant use. These needles are of a thinner gauge and are therefore virtually painless on insertion.
    AL1801#36 (0.20mm)0.6" (15mm) without tube
    AL1804#32 (0.25mm)1.2" (30mm) with tube
    AL1805#30 (0.30mm)1.2" (30mm) with tube
    AL1807#32 (0.25mm)1.5" (40mm) with tube
    AL1808#30 (0.30mm)1.5" (40mm) with tube
    AL1809#30 (0.30mm)2.0" (50mm) with tube

    Needle Gauge Color Reference
    Needle Diameter (mm) 0.20 0.25 0.30
    Gauge #36 #32 #30
    Color Code Blue Purple Brown

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