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Hwa-to brand acupuncture needle silver handle


"Hwa-To" brand silver handle acupuncture needle.

  • Surgical stainless steel
  • filiform handle
  • Smooth and painless insertion for repeated use
  • High electro and heat conductivity
  • Full line of sizes
  • Pack of 10 needles, in blister plastic cover.

    AY11010.35mm0.5" (13mm)
    AY11020.30mm0.5" (13mm)
    AY11030.25mm0.5" (13mm)
    AY11040.22mm0.5" (13mm)
    AY11050.35mm1.0" (25mm)
    AY11060.30mm1.0" (25mm)
    AY11070.25mm1.0" (25mm)
    AY11080.22mm1.0" (25mm)
    AY11090.35mm1.5" (40mm)
    AY11100.30mm1.5" (40mm)
    AY11110.25mm1.5" (40mm)
    AY11120.22mm1.5" (40mm)
    AY11130.35mm2.0" (50mm)
    AY11140.30mm2.0" (50mm)
    AY11150.25mm2.0" (50mm)
    AY11160.22mm2.0" (50mm)
    AY11170.35mm2.5" (60mm)
    AY11180.30mm2.5" (60mm)
    AY11190.25mm2.5" (60mm)
    AY11200.22mm2.5" (60mm)
    AY11210.35mm3.0" (75mm)
    AY11220.30mm3.0" (75mm)
    AY11230.25mm3.0" (75mm)
    AY11240.22mm3.0" (75mm)

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