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Inner Dermal Needle


Intracutaneous needles are designed for insertion in the surface layer of the skin, and in this respect they are differ from usual acupuncture needles, which are generally inserted into tissue. This type of needle, with a length of 3 to 10 mm, is fixed after insertion, with an adhesive plaster and left for a period of two or three days to a week. It is inserted into the afflicted part. The insertion of intracutaneous needle is recommended also at the same part of the other side of the body. Properly inserted and fixed intracutaneous needles only very rarely fail cut or break, while on the other hand they provide additional curative effect. For this reason intracutaneous needles are recommended for treatment of athletes. Intracutaneous needles are made of stainless steel and classified by shape of handle into two types: those with square handle (the shaft reinforced inside the handle), and those with round handle.

Ring type, intracutaneous needle, stainless steel, gauge 34, Length 5 mm. (Pkt. ,of 20 pcs.)

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