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Unique design, the first of its kind in the market .
Simple to use vacuum cup for all purposes in cupping therapy and T.E.N.S. stimulation.

  1. Safe and effective.
  2. Easy to learn and operate, no fire, no hand pump required,
    thus avoid skin burnt and minimize over vacuum strength.
  3. Hydro pad free - no hydro pad is required for electro-conductivity
  4. Stick to the skin firmly.
  5. Strong suction force, and adjustable.
  6. Apply to most area of the body, such as joints, curvatures and uneven surface.
  7. Can be sterilized by boiling water.
  8. Connect to pin lead wire easily. All types of connecting wires,
    such as pin lead, alligator clip, duck beak clip, grasp type and micro-hook type clip are able to
    connect to the cup.
  9. Assorted colors for identification of different polarities during electric stimulation.
  10. Different sizes (diameter of cup) for selection, to apply for different treatment areas.
  11. Easy to carry and storage, suitable for travel or home use.
Cup inner diameter: 3 cm
Color: green, blue, white (semi-transparent)

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