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Model GoLase Infrared Laser is a Hi-power pulsed Infrared Laser,
frequency adjustable from 1 to 15 Hz, and fixed at 73 Hz, 146 Hz and 292 Hz selections.
One of the latest technologies in Laser therapies available in economy price.

  1. High output power, maximum to 40mW.
  2. With a red LED light guides to the point for laser treatment,
    as the Laser (wavelength 980 nm) is invisible.
    The distance of Laser probe to treatment point is about 10 ~ 15 mm.
  3. Allows you to select pulsed laser with precised frequency from 1 Hz to 15 Hz (adjustable),
    with the LCD displays the figure of frequency in when adjusted.
  4. In addition, three fixed frequency of 73 Hz, 146 Hz and 292 Hz Nogier frequencies are
    also preset for laser acupuncture. The LCD will show the respective frequency when selected.
  5. A continuous mode of Laser output is also available.
    Simply switch the mode to “CONT” position for this selection.
  6. A timer of “cont” (continuous), 5 minutes and 10 minutes are selectable for
    different duration of treatment.

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