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iRLcure INFRARED Moxibustion Device


Infrared Moxibustion Device

Analog Chinese acupuncture techniques, infrared and laser can Shang Chong and DC two output operating modes.
The operating mode of laser Shang rushed replicable the TCM acupuncture reinforcing and reducing lift and thrust practices,
The degree of adjustment of the frequency with Cong simulate the Acupuncture's Cong degree,
Shang width adjustment can simulate acupuncture mention thrusting to achieve TCM reinforcing and reducing.
Infrared Shang rushed work mode can be used to simulate TCM finches pecking moxibustion, infrared Cong degrees analog moxibustion stimulation Cong
The frequency and Shang width adjustment can simulate different Chinese medicine moxibustion achieve, such as bird pecking moxibustion, etc.. Bird pecking moxibustion, etc..

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