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Model Fountain of Youth Therapy Apparatus (pocket type)


This is a small, pocket size acupuncture unit uses for point detection as well as electro-needling and T.E.N.S. ,purpose. It comes with different sizes of Silicone rubber electrode enabling this unit to work as a slimming purpose unit. Very convenient unit for clinical use and home trearment.

Waveforms : continuous, dense-disperese, discontinuous
Pulse Amplitude : 800V p-p
Frequenies : 1-150 c/s
Output : 1,2 channels
Power supply : DC 9V
Dimensions : 112 X 60 X 22 mm
Functions : acupuncture point detection, therapy with needle or electrodes(T.E.N.S.)

  • Ear ring electrodes - 4pcs
  • Broad surface therapeutic electrodes (made out of conductor rubber)* big - 2pcs, small - 4pcs
  • Elastic electrode-holder belts - 5pcs
  • Output electrode wires with plugs & cilps - 2pcs
  • Detecting electrode plug & Hand holder - 1pcs
    *Must be soaked in water before use.

    MDD CE Marked

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