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Medical Acupuncture


A new book published in 1988, one of the most useful & valued textbook for all doctors & acupuncturists involved in acupuncture therapy or the holistic care of the patient. This is not just a textbook of acupuncture. I! is a handbook detailing a particular method of practising acupuncture which is unrelated to the various methods taught in the P.R.C. and is free of the complex and irrational teaching of some "traditional" schools. It demonstrates that acupuncture is part of, or complementary to, modern medical practice, being based on the principles of modern medical care. 1t is the author's contention that truly modern medicine embraces holistic health care and the concept of the 'inner healer' that tendency to become and remain well that exists within every patient. There are numerous ways of practising acupuncture. Many of these have equally good results. It is important for the beginner to become skilled in the use of one of these methods. Printed in 2 colors with illustrative diagrams.
Total 332 pages. Size: 22 x 29 cm

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