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The “Magnet Pat” is a device to improve health, to keep fitness and maintain a healthy life.

The “Magnet Pat” combines with a flexible, octagon shape “Pat”, built in with a rotatable, sphere magnet of 2,000 gauss in the middle of the backside. The front side of the “Pat” is magnetized by the sphere magnet to about 1,000 gauss, and hundreds of small protrusions is molded on the surface. The handle is detachable and also embedded with a round magnet of 2,000 gauss at the end.
Total length of the “Magnet Pat” is about 12 inches. The Octagon shape “Pat” is about 2 inches wide.

1. The patting function helps to improve blood circulation.
During a long term patting process, it helps to treat, determine and diagnosis the case of different sickness conditions. Its key feature is under gentle patting on the skin or treatment area by the small protrusions on the Pat, it can bring out the toxic from the deep side of the muscle and meridians to the surface of the skin. Appears with a positive reaction substance for diagnosis. Hence, it also improves blood circulation.
2. Magnetic feature for calming and relieve of pain.
Multi functions “Magnet Pat” is built in with a 2,000 gauss magnetic sphere, which focus on pain relieve, and a unique calming function established from the high strength of magnetic gauss. In addition, the rotatable sphere adds a massage function and very suitable for pain relieve on “Ah Shi” point and area.
3. Rotating & calm down function.
When patting, it creates a rotating magnetic flux, which functions a calm down, and spiritual accumulation condition.

Patting Method:
1. Use force from wrist, instead of the arm.
2. Patting with rhythm, use the side with small protrusions on the surface to do the patting. Start with the action in “2 light”, “1 heavy” and “3 massage” action. That means, the first two pats is in light force, then following a heavy one, lastly use the pat to massage the patting area. This completes a section. Several sections should be attempted to the treatment area slowly in one time.
3. Pat at least 30 to 100 sections until fatigue and blues appears.
4. Start with light force when begins, then harder and harder until it reaches the threshold of toleration.
5. It can be used daily and on all parts of the body. When feel sour, soar, pain and red, it improves the flow of meridians, blood circulation, relieves fatigue and strengthens the body health etc.
6. Mostly patting the joins area, to improve circulation, to clear mucous, dampness and toxics from the deep side of the body.

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