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Model Coba 108 T.E.N.S.


What is T.E.N.S.?
The initials T.E.N.S. are short form for Transcutaneous Electric Nerve Stimulation which is what a T.E.N.S. machine actually does. A T.E.N.S. machine stimulates nerves electrically by transmitting current through the skin (Cutaneous tissue of Transcutaneous). Now through modern medical technology it may be possible to relieve some types of pain by utilizing the T.E.N.S. method of durgless pain relief. T.E.N.S. is an adjunct to post traumatic acute pain.
Now, through modern medical technology, electrical stimulation may be used at home conveniently and safely. The T.E. N.S. unit is effective, drugless, painless proven, convenient, portable, and inexpensive. T.E.N.S. is an alternate of chronic and many acute pain conditions. In many clinical studies Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (T.E.N.S.) has proven to be one of the safest and most effective alternative to drugs in the treatment of some pain syndromes.

ND3602 Model Coba 108 T.E.N.S. Coba 108 型皮外電療機

A Single Channel T.E.N.S. Unit Easy & Simple to use
Device Specifications - Coba 108
Channel Single
Output 0-60 Volt (open circuit)
Intensity 0-60 mA
Output Current Constant current
Waveform Symmetric biphasic rectangular
Frequency 0.5-50 Hz adjustable
Pulse Width 200 micro seconds
Power Source 2 pcs. Of 1.5V batteries
Output Jack 2.5 mm diameter jack
Unit Dimension 86 x 64 x 23 mm (excluding belt clip)
Weight of Unit 85 grams (including belt clip)
Tolerances ± 10%
Output parameters are across a 500 Ohm resistance.

MDD CE Marked

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