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Pointer Plus


It is an accurate and easy to operate hand held device which incoporates an effective push button stimulation feature which may be used for the immediate treatment of the point or area.
It has the similar function of a T.E.N.S. unit which stimulates nerves electrically by transmitting current through the skin to relieve some types of pain such as chronic, acute and post-operative pain.
Operated by 9V dry battery.

Size : 170 x 33 x 23 mm
Output intensity : 0-45 mA r.m.s.
Frequency of output : 10 Hz
Weight : 60 gm (unit only)
: 230 gm (complete set)
Pulse width : 260 μsec
Waveform : continuous
Waveshape : biphasic square pulse with negative spike
Power supply : 9V battery
Accessories : 2 - detection/ stimulation probes, 1 - hard carrying case, 1 - spare grounding pole, 1 - instruction manual

MDD CE Marked

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