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Automatic Blood Pressure Depressing Apparatus


Automatic Blood Pressure Depressing Apparatus is the scientific research result combining theories of Principal channels of Chinese traditional medicine and bioelectric dynamics of modern human body. This apparatus is without any external electromagnetic source, its therapeuitic principle is based on stimulating acupoint of human body and inducing directly electricity by charging and discharging unbalanced electromagnetic potential with the result of adjusting voltage change, body cell, body fluid and microcirculation system, improving patient's immunity, selfadjusting fuction to achieve the goal of balancing bioelectric dynamic potential and recovering health.The general effective rate is mounting to 98.7%. This apparatus may be effective for such a disease as essential hypertension, toothache, headache, rheumatism, etc. The treatment for the toothache, headache, rheumatism, should be under instruction of a master of Chinese traditional medicine, while the treatment of hypertension should follow the instructions in the manual.
The apparatus is good for the treatment of essential hypertension, secondary hypertension and pregnant hypertension, the general effectiveness for these therapy is an high as 98.7% through the clinical practice in millions of cases. It has a function of controlling blood pressure and alleviating illness situation, effective to hypertensive patients with left ventricular hypertrophy, renal insufficiency, atherosclerosis and coronary heart disease, and can prevent brain apoplexy.
The apparatus is not influenced by environment, time, position when using, it can be widely used in hospitals, clinics, families and more suitably for self-treatment and health care.
This apparatus requires no battery to operate.

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