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YH-YXII-A Oxygen Inhaler


This buoy style oxygen inhaler type YH-YXII-A is improved as advanced product. It has solved the shortcoming with other buoy style oxygen inhalers. Those would not deliver oxygen when there is just 3-4 Mpa in the gas-bomb. So they have to be adjusted the screw adjuster to increase lower pressure. But the safety valve would relief as changed the filled gas-bomb, for lower pressure has been adjusted higher. The buoy style oxygen inhaler type YH - YX II - A is a reactive style. So the pressure of the deliver would increase slightly while the pressure in the gas- bomb is lowering.
The main performances

1.The adjusting range of oxygen flowing; 1-10 liter/minute.
 Minimum display: 1 liter/minute. Error: +4%
2.The lower pressure when decompressed :0.2 0.3 Mpa
3.The safety valve would relief automatically when the pressure is between 0.36 + 0.05 Mpa.

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