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Model ZT-120 Weighing Machine, Floor Type With Height Measuring Standard


This Weighing machine is well constructed with great precision and high sensitivity. Its load-carrying installation consists of a lever mechanism, knife edges and bearings, and platform, giving stability, accuracy and durability. The platform is covered with rubber sheet to prevent slipping and to offer shockproofness to the internal mechanism. A self-indicating dial is equipped for easy mechanism by means of gears and ceiled spring. When not in use, the indicator should point at the”o” position. lf there is any deviation, adjust the indicator by turning the screw under the dial. The Height Measuring Standard is composed of three round tubes of different calibres: the outer tube is rigidly fixed onto the column of the dial, while the middle and the inner tubes are closely inserted therein one after the other with both metric and British units graduated thereon. On the top of the inner tube, there is a movable headpiece which should be pulled out at right angle with the measuring standard before use. When measuring height, first stretch the inner tube to its full length sufficient for a range of 70126 cm. (27 1/3-49 1/2 in.) The reading can be obtained from the point where the graduation of the inner tube coincides with the upper flange edge of the medium tube. In case the Height is over 126 cm. Then pullout the middle tube for a measuring range of 126-190 cm. (491/2-743/4 in.) and the reading is to be taken from the point where the graduation of the middle tube and the upper flange edge of the outer tube join together.

1.Body weighing:
 Maximum Weight:
 Sub-divisions of the Weighing Dial:

120 kgs. (265 Ibs.)
2.Height Measuring:
 Height Measuring Range:
 Sub-divisions of graduation:
27 1/2 ~ 74 3/4 in
70-190 cm (27 1/2 ~ 743/4 in)
3.Size of platform (L x W) 385 x 280 mm
4.Overall Dimensions (L x W x H) 700 x 280 x 930 mm
5.Weight 24kgs

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